Adult Stem Cell Research Needs More Attention

The architect of all-embracing biotechnology aggregation Theravitae, Mr. Don Margolis, has had abundant of what he calls “deceit and deception” appearing from beginning axis corpuscle supporters. Don exclaims “Pick any bi-weekly or anniversary commodity about beginning axis beef and you will see the chat ‘potential’ – as in it isn’t alive now. Well, we accept something that is alive and extenuative lives NOW and it is the developed axis cells. We are alleviative affection patients with their own developed axis beef with abundant success. Why do we never apprehend annihilation about that?”

Margolis expresses contentment that President George Bush states he will veto the Axis Corpuscle Analysis Enhancement Act of 2007 (S.5) which would acquiesce federal allotment for analysis application axis beef acquired from animal embryos. Margolis believes that added assets charge to be adherent to developed axis beef and believes that federal allotment for added beginning corpuscle analysis is a decay of time and a abusage of aborigine money. “Why should my money, not to acknowledgment billions of dollars from the accessible be spent on something that artlessly doesn’t work? We charge a bill that will accord developed axis corpuscle analysis the absorption and money that it deserves.”

Margolis believes that developed axis beef are already acceptable the clandestine allotment battle. “For every beginning axis corpuscle aggregation that ancestor up, there are at atomic 20 developed axis corpuscle companies that are getting abreast adjourned like my own from adventure capitalists” Margolis thinks clandestine investors will go area there is affiance of approaching success and riches. “That is why beginning axis corpuscle analysis needs accessible funding, no clandestine investors are accommodating to carapace out millions for something that so far has showed actual little promise.” “Show me just one archetype area beginning axis beef accept helped someone.” He stated.

To date, Theravitae, the aggregation he founded has advised over 200 affection ache patients. “This developed axis corpuscle analysis has already adored and bigger the lives of a lot of of those patients.” The company’s acknowledged analytic balloon was presented at the anniversary American Affection Association Scientific Sessions endure year in Chicago and the aggregation is planning to advance added developed axis corpuscle therapies for added altitude in the abreast future.